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"Eccentricity is often associated with genius, intellectual giftedness, or creativity. The individual's eccentric behavior is perceived to be the outward expression of their unique intelligence or creative impulse."
In this vein, the eccentric's habits are incomprehensible not because they are illogical or the result of madness, but because they stem from a mind so original that it cannot be conformed to societal norms.

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All Locked Up: A Personal Hair Story


A month ago I was riding the metro in Washington, D.C., when I locked eyes with a cuddling teenage couple sitting across from me. I smiled at them and turned on my iPod.

A few minutes later, my music-induced trance was broken when I sensed that they were talking about me. Through the strains of Nina Simone’s “Lilac Wine,” I heard this high school girl with cocoa-colored skin and chemically straightened hair tell her partner that she wanted dreadlocks like mine.

In response, her boyfriend shot her a sharp look, rolled his eyes and snapped, “Really? Dreads are horrible, dirty, and ugly—especially on girls. You’ve got ‘good hair.’ If you want to stay with me, stay pretty and keep your hair straight.”

Giggling anxiously, the girl glanced at my iPod to confirm that I wasn’t listening to their conversation before reassuring him, “I was just kidding. I’ll keep my hair nice.”

I turned up the volume and took some deep breaths to calm my anger. Did they realize how hateful they sounded? As they walked off the train hand in hand, I fought the strong urge to scream, “Don’t date him, girl!”

I wish I could say this the first time I’ve overheard that kind of conversation, but it’s not. I’ve been hearing variations on it my whole life. As a southern-born African-American girl who attended predominantly white boarding schools, I am well acquainted with the sexism, racism, and colorism that shape people’s attitudes toward black hair. Strangers, friends, family, and ex-loves have tried to make me feel bad about my hair throughout my life. For a long time, it worked. But then one day I decided that I was done attaching my self-esteem to what other people think I should look like.

That’s blacks in America for you! I wish I could say “That’s Crazy” But thats how black people in america feel about themselves. And the thing is- Natural hair obviously isnt ugly. Just because I dont have white features doesnt make me less beautiful then anyone else. 

I DONT KNOW WHY Black people trip off of white people in 2012, Its so IRONIC how black people go off on white people for the most trivial and innocent things, when the BIGGEST threat to BLACK PEOPLE in America are other BLACK PEOPLE. Its black people killing black people, no longer whites! Its black people getting each other arrested, its black people selling drugs to other black people, its black people spreading aids to other black people, its black people destroying black culture, its black people destroying the black family,  its black people hating other black people, its black people discriminating against other black people. Why do people still trip off of white people when we’re the ones destroying ourselves?

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    i can’t even respond to how messed up this is so.
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    That’s blacks in America for you! I wish I could say “That’s Crazy” But thats how black people in america feel about...
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